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Racing Bypass Valve Type H34 Racing Bypass Valve Type H34 Ref: RBV-H34
Racing Bypass Valve Type H34 vents excess pressure back into the car's air intake making the valve ideal for Mass Air Flow (MAF) metered cars where venting to atmosphere can create a "rich" air/fuel ratio right after the valve goes off.


Racing Bypass Valve -Type H Reversible Racing Bypass Valve -Type H Reversible Ref: RBV-H
This valve is perfect for the drag racing car running 35+ psi.


Blow Off Valve Type H Blow Off Valve Type H Ref: BOV-H
Providing greater venting flow than our BOV-S, the BOV-H is designed for turbo charged engines running up to 35 psi.


Hybrid Valve Type-H Hybrid Valve Type-H Ref: BOV-H-HYB
The new Hybrid from TurboXS gives a turbocharged vehicle the subtlety of a recirculating Bypass Valve, combined with the power of a Blowoff Valve.


Blow Off Valve Type H-RFL Blow Off Valve Type H-RFL Ref: BOV-RFL
With new and improved styling, the BOV-H-RFL remains true to it's roots - it's still really f'n loud!