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Hot Bits Sport Suspension
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Hot Bits is a name now synonymous with superior performance hand-built suspension systems. From OEM replacement springs and shock absorbers to their custom designed coil-over and racing kits, their aim is to deliver new levels of performance to transform your vehicle's handling. \nHot Bits achieves this by applying new design concepts and ideas, methodical and highly precise manufacturing techniques as well as the use of materials of the highest quality.\nAll Hot Bits product designs are tested on the bench and undergo exhaustive road tests on actual vehicles to ensure optimum ride and handling under a wide range of conditions. In addition Hot Bits shock absorbers are tested on a calibrated shock dynamometer. \nA quick test drive will convince you that Hot Bits products are designed and manufactured to meet, and indeed, exceed the demands of even the most discerning drivers.

HOT BITS SUSPENSION HIGHLIGHTS\n\n· Superior high-pressure mono-tube shock absorber design\n· Fully serviceable and tuneable shock absorbers\n· Motorcross grade, superior quality shock absorber seals for longer lasting, leak proof performance\n· Unique fixed canister design for extra oil capacity and optimum gas chamber volume enabling improved suspension stroke\n· Fine, 1-way or 2-way external damping adjustments\n· Top-quality CNC cold wound chrome silicon steel coil springs\n· Interchangeable 60mm sports springs of differing spring rates available\n· All our springs come with a 10-year warranty while our shocks come with a 1-year warranty\n\nFEATURES\n\nHot Bits DT2 Series features a high pressure mono-tube design with an unmatched 46mm shock piston diameter. Compression and rebound damping levels can be easily, precisely and independently adjusted with the shock in-situ by a technician or the driver. \n\nENGINEERING HIGHLIGHTS\n\nHot Bits pioneered the use of the FIXED external oil canister. This gives the shock extra damping oil capacity and permits optimum gas chamber volume for improved suspension stroke. Other significant engineering highlights include: \n· Superior high-pressure mono-tube design with 46mm shock piston diameter \n· Fully serviceable and tuneable shock absorbers \n· Motocross grade shock absorber seals for longer lasting, leak proof performance \n· Independent 40-step compression and 30-step rebound damping adjustments \n· Oversized 58mm struts for cars and 52mm shocks on 4X4s. 22mm piston rods fitted to 4WD products for enhanced durability and performance. \n· Top Quality, interchangeable 60mm CNC cold wound silicon steel coil springs \n\n\nINDIVIDUAL DESIGN\n\nHot Bits design and manufacture the DT2 Series for a wide range of vehicles. However, each design is specific to the type of vehicle and to the precise application requirements be it for street, race, rally, drift, drag or 4X4 use. While this requires tremendous research & development time, Hot Bits believes that this is the only way to achieve the best possible performance. In addition they can build and tune their suspension systems to your exact requirements.\n

Hot Bits


Hot Bits suspension systems are available for most models of the following car brands: Alfa, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Fiat, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Perodua, Peugeot, Proton, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota and Volvo. \nPlease contact us for availability.
Online Catalog > Suspension > Hot Bits Sport Suspension