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TurboXs Mazda RX8 Catback Exhaust TurboXs Mazda RX8 Catback Exhaust Ref: RX8-CBE
RX8-Cat Back Exhaust System (RX8-CBE)
TurboXS' RX8 Cat-Back is a high performance 304 Stainless steel solution providing increased flow without the annoying drone associated with performance exhaust systems. This is due to the Tuned chambers and vehicle spec muffler materials.


Mazdaspeed 3 Downpipe Mazdaspeed 3 Downpipe Ref: MS3-DP
TurboXS releases the Mazdaspeed3 downpipe (MS3-DP). This downpipe is the pure key to turning your MS3 into a real beast. Our stock MS3 made 274 ft-lbs and 244.1 whp. on our in house Dynapack Dyno.


Mazdaspeed 3 Stealthback Exhaust System Mazdaspeed 3 Stealthback Exhaust System Ref: MS3-SBE-RP
So you want more power out of your Mazdaspeed 3 but you still want it to look and sound like stock. Maybe you don't want your wife to know you modified your car. Maybe you don't want your buddy with the WRX or EVO to know you are coming after him. How does an additional 40 whp and 50 ft-lbs of torque sound? Sounds good? Then you want the TurboXS Mazdaspeed 3 Stealthback Exhaust (MS3-SBE). The TurboXS Stealthback Exhaust (MS3-SBE-RP) consists of our Mazdaspeed 3 Downpipe (MS3-DP) and our Mazdaspeed 3 Racepipe (MS3-RP) mated to your factory catback exhaust. It looks like it's stock. It sounds like it's stock. It definitely does not drive like it's stock.


TurboXs Mazda RX8 Catless Race Pipe TurboXs Mazda RX8 Catless Race Pipe Ref: RX8-RP
3" diameter 304 Stainless Steel Catless Race Pipe


Agency Power Ti Tip Catback Exhaust Mazda RX8 03+ Agency Power Ti Tip Catback Exhaust Mazda RX8 03+ Ref: AP-RX8-170
Model No: AP-RX8-170


Online Catalog > Exhaust > Mazda